Stress is my best friend.

Hi everybody 🙂

I’ve decided to write this post in English, because I want exchange students from all over the world to understand what I write.

The perfect way to describe this months of school are EXTREMELY STRESSFUL.


I study almost every days for four or five hours because of all the exams we have at school and I don’t have much time to think about my year in Finland but I’m just looking forward to leaving!

I’m sure I’ll realize what I’m going to do just when I receive the host family! I’m too excited about it and very curious about how is my Finnish family ❤

I’m a bit worried about the language because of course I don’t have time to study it and it all with ends with me studying Finnish during my summer holidays… I WANT SUMMER.

Oh, and I want to say “Thanksss!” to my Finnish facebook friend Nella, who offered to help me with the language and who said me a lot about Finland 🙂

i just want these two months to fly away and my HF to arrive :3

By the way, I received the dates of the “orientations”.

It is a weekend (maybe more than one) in which I’ll meet all the other exchange students and there will be psychologists and “retournees” who will prepare us to the experience and give some advice.

I don’t have many interesting things to say, so I’ll go to bed after a tiring day of Physics 😦

Se you soon, Giulia xoxo ❤

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